I have visited many rest homes over the years and I can honestly say Marillac Residence is the nicest I have ever seen. I have been living here for ten years and not regretted my decision one bit. I have never had a moment of loneliness or wishing I were anywhere different. I love the fact that I have my own bedroom and own bathroom – it’s a huge asset – and I feel very safe as I wear a fall bracelet and there are call buttons in my room if I need help – not all rest homes have that.

The staff are very good and they try to accommodate all my requests as much as possible. I have built great relationships with many of the staff – I call them my friends. Most of them have been here longer than I have! Over the years I have come to need a little more help with daily living, so the staff help me make my bed, change my sheets, etc.

The activities offered here are improving all the time. Sometimes we gather together in the library to watch interesting television shows – I especially like all the travel shows, and of course, my game shows – they keep our minds active. At night, there’s a group of us who like to play “Spinner” with dominoes and there’s another group who play cribbage all the time.


I am really happy at Marillac Residence as living here allows me to maintain my independence as well as my individuality. Your intellectual and spiritual needs are met here. We hold prayer groups for all faiths.

I love the fact that I have my own bedroom and bathroom and I have been able to personalize it with my belongings – including my computer which I use all the time. Your room can reflect your personality. Its nice to have the freedom to do that.

The staff are just wonderful. They are extremely grateful, very polite and very warm. In fact, many of us have helped staff members study for exams, help them with the English language and even helped them study for their citizenship exam.

There are activities suitable to everyone’s taste. You don’t have to participate in everything – you have the choice.

You need to look at coming to Marillac Residence as a whole new adventure, a new way of living – the last frontier!!!


There is so much going for Marillac Residence. I have lived here for 3 ½ years and I would encourage everyone to come when you are well enough to enjoy all that it has to offer and make a home for yourself. There’s a lot of laughter and fun here. Marillac provides us with a very “homey” environment and yet we are free to come and go – I’m off to Virginia on vacation soon.

There is so much you can do here – you can go to any program offered but you don’t have to – you only go if you want to.

The staff are exceptional and I have become good friends with many of them. They are very special and they are open to our friendship. Some of them are so kind that they will go and buy us personal items if we need them, just because we happened to mention we were out of something. Our administrator is wonderful as is our Chaplain.

Mary Alice

Marillac Residence is a great place to come to live when you need a little more help with your daily life. However, come early enough so you can take advantage of all they have to offer – and that’s a lot! It’s a very welcoming place where everyone is really friendly, especially the staff. There are so many activities offered but the nice thing is that none of them are mandatory – you can pick and choose what you want to take part in. The only thing that is mandatory here is to breathe!

I enjoy many of the excursions – I especially enjoyed our trips to Cape Cod and visits to the great New England seafood restaurants. I belong to an art group (Relaxing with Art) and I participate in the exercise groups as best I can. When friends come to visit, they sometimes bring movies and we watch them together with many of the other residents in the library. There are lots of performers who visit us and I especially enjoy the lecturers who come in to speak with us – the other day we heard all about the D Day landing

I am still able to visit my own primary care doctor and dentist, but I don’t need to as they have doctors here and a regular visiting dentist, and podiatrist. There’s a very nice driver who takes me to all my visits.

Miriam Helm, sc

I have been living at Marillac Residence for five years, and I was thrilled to hear there was an opening when I was looking for somewhere to live. It was a life-giving move for me – I was worn out before I came here. I do all sorts of things that I never did before as I didn’t have the time. It is so relaxing and renewing.

I particularly enjoy all the activities that are put on for us. However, I especially like that we do not need to go to them if we do not want to – we have the freedom to go or not to go. I used to participate in all the morning exercise classes but as I have recently had two knee replacements, I am still recovering but plan to get back to them as soon as I am able. It was wonderful to be able to do my short-term rehabilitation on campus – that was a huge relief to me. I was also able to do all my outpatient therapy on campus which made everything so easy.

I am able to take part in a Creative Writing class which I particularly enjoy. It’s a six-week course where we read as well as write – we have been reading (or re-reading) many of the classics and we have a long reading list for the summer. It is so nice to take the time out to read and write and it keeps our minds active.

I love the privacy of my own room and bathroom. I have a computer in it which I use to keep in touch with all my family. I enjoy spending time with others but I am happy in my own company for my own privacy.

The lectures here are fantastic. We’ve had wonderful speakers come in to deliver lectures on topics like medical issues, Alzheimer’s disease and historical events. Right now we have a speaker coming in once a week to talk about varying religions – Judaism, Buddhism etc.

Therese, RJM

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